Celestial Buybacks

A large portion of our team has been the team of a seigniorage protocol called Celestial Finance. The start of ARTSY means we end our support for that protocol. We do not leave our investors behind, though, so we offer a transition for holders of the Celestial protocol tokens: Stars, Radiance and Glow. Holders of those tokens have a choice. Either they may swap their tokens for ART or they may buy out for a lesser value of USDC from our treasury.


Glow and Radiance

0.2 ART per token or

0.8 USDC per token


2 ART per token or

8 USDC per token

We have a deposit contract on the BSC for the celestial tokens and we will do the refunds on the Polygon chain. We know our Celestial community knows how to navigate multichain, and if not, we can help.

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