Nicky is the COO of ARTSY, making him the lead caretaker of the business and its people.

This befits him well, as he’s a people’s person who’s led a life of mostly being in public service, including funeral business, Dutch police force, Royal Dutch Army (sgt) and Registered Nurse in various healthcare disciplines. His work included being a therapist for years which gave him well founded practical insight into the human psyche.

Having tried to help people through the societal system for two decades left him disenchanted with that system and he’s therefore shifted to supporting individual power and ownership, which made DeFi a natural venture.

Nicky is a philosopher by nature and very much an idealist who seeks to make the world more beautiful, healthy, and free, to which end he founded Academia Intrinseci. With an affinity for and intuitive understanding of systems and protocols, tokenomics are his strength and passion.

“To truly care is to be courageous”

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