Zac Kenny is an artist, designer, and community builder. With a background in brand design, marketing, and communications, Zac develops and maintains a strong strategic vision for his projects. Zac became interested in cryptoart and NFTs in early 2021 as a revenue stream for artists and as potential avenue for fundraising. Working with the Nifty Pride Foundation, an initiative for the LGBTQ+ NFT community, Zac helped raise over $14k for transgender aid through a community charity auction event.

Since then Zac has maintained a focus on artist community building. Zac and Chillyo created the Polygoonz customizable NFT project and they have worked together on several other initiatives. Zac is a Polygon Advocate, the Guild Mage for Polygon Toronto, and Head of Curation at RARA.Social.

As head of marketing at Artsy, Zac is dedicated to showing the Web3 Community the unique benefits and unparalleled innovation of the Artsy DeFi platform and ecosystem.

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