ART Token

The ART token is a redistribution token. We use the proceeds from our platforms to buy ART from the protocol’s liquidity pool and then we use an adaptation of the reflection model to distribute those bought tokens over all holders equally without using airdrops, staking, claiming, or any other gas-heavy method. Redistributing our revenue this way is direct, safe and easy.

Our redistribution token only exists on the Polygon chain, even though our platforms span multiple EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) compatible chains. We make sure to bridge profits to Polygon before buying the ART that we redistribute to all holders. Our platforms create the buying pressure, the holders accumulate wealth.

The ART tokens take a 5% trading fee on both buys and sells. This fee will be used for liquidity pool increase, automated redistributions, and protocol expenses. But aside from that, the very presence of this 5% trading fee discourages the use of pump and dump schemes and sandwich bots to dupe our community.

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