Founder / CTO

Chillyo has been a Web 3 developer for more than 3 years working in the DeFi space. He specializes in all things NFTs, but also has experience in various other DeFi operations such as Seigniorage protocols and DEX operations. Before becoming a developer, Chillyo was a DeFi community manager and before that served in various military and government contracting roles across multiple war zones.

ARTSY DeFi has been his flagship protocol for more than 2 years and has been in production for a long time. Over the years he has studied the competition and kept a pulse on how users feel about the marketplace space. Through extensive research and talking with countless people, he has finally cracked the code for success.

Chillyo is passionate about educating people on all things crypto and generally has an open door policy. He believes that mass adoption cannot come without widespread education efforts.

"La vie est dure, procures-vous un casque"

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