Profiles and Reviews

Lenders and borrowers can remain completely anonymous if they so desire, and in true DeFi manner offer and accept the loans trustless and final.

We do however offer people the option of creating a profile with a name, an avatar, some introductory text and a way for the other party to establish contact. We do not check this information other than reviewing the profiles for decency and we allow pseudonyms, but the profile is connected to a wallet address. The contact info would be revealed only to the other party during an active loan period.

As borrowers can freely browse offers, they might be more inclined to do business with a lender of whom they like the profile. They might also be more inclined to take a loan if they have a chance to extend the loan should they need it. So filling out a profile could help the lender to close more deals.

We will also implement an optional review system. If both parties had an active profile during the deal, they may leave a small review about the other once the deal is over. Anyone with a profile may choose to either display or hide all reviews about them. There is no cherry picking only good reviews.

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